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  Fraud Investigations Publications Emergency Service Diving Publications  
  Investigating Staged Traffic Accidents

Underwater Crime Scene Investigation  
  Investigating Workers'
Compensation Fraud
Emergency Service Diver  
  Investigating Health Care Fraud Adventures in Underwater Rescue


  Investigative Medical Audits
2nd Edition
Guide to Incorporating as a
Non-Profit Organization
  CPT 101 - Understanding Billing Fraud

Out of Stock


SCUBA Diving for fun and Profit  
  Investigators' Guide to Understanding Chiropractic Law SRT Diver  
  Laws Relating to the Practice of Medicine Emergency Service Diver
Instructor's Guide
  Regulations Relating to the Practice of Medicine Underwater Crime Scene Investigation - Instructor's Guide  
  Guidebook to the Laws Regulating the Practice of Medicine General Interest Publications  
The Complete Book
of Aussie Slang
  Introduction to Dental Fraud I Didn't Know Cops
Did Things Like That!
  Self-Study Anti-Fraud Courses  
  Investigative Medical Audits Investigating Workers' Compensation Fraud  

Investigating Staged Traffic  Accidents


Investigating Healthcare Fraud  

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