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Beginning in July 2013, the California Investigative Academy has discontinued offering in-house and off-site,  training seminars, workshops and all other forms of instructor led, in-person training. All training presentations are currently being converted to an on-line format.

As we move forward, all training offered by the Academy will be through on-line, web-based training and self-directed courses of study in print. As the various presentations are converted to the new on-line format, the links on our Curriculum page will become active.

The first on-line training module "Introduction to SIU" is currently being offered at no charge, so introduce our clients and visitors to our on-line training.
Web Based Training (WBT) State of the art, web based training, on your schedule and at your own pace.
Self-Directed Courses of Study in Print & CD-Rom Complete courses in print and on CD-Rom. Complete at on  your own time and at your own pace, at a location of your choosing.


All training posted to this web site has been approved by the California Department of Insurance, or the State Bar of California, or both, unless otherwise indicated.  The investigative protocols provided in our training has been developed by experienced investigators and tested in the field over many years.

You can read one of our training manuals, sit through one of our on-site or off-site seminars, or you can sit at your own computer for the most up-to-date, cutting edge investigative and anti-fraud training available today, either through our WBT program, or on CD-ROM.